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Blu-ray is here! Finally your visions in HD clarity!
Updated by Marty 02/04/0

HD has finally arrived. For real. Icicle Studios can now author your content to Blu-ray high definition discs for playback on Blu-ray players such as the PS3. We've been testing several methods and the results are staggering. You will not believe your eyes when you see your event/commercial/film in glorious HD. There really is nothing like it. 6 months of authoring these disks has given us a clear advantage in the process.....we will deliver amazing quality and consistency....while others are just beginning to think about entering this realm. As you can tell....we really like to stay ahead of the curve.

We've moved.....for real and virtually.....
Updated by Marty 02/04/0

It's been a busy couple of years and many things have changed since I last updated this page. First, we have moved to the Canton/Akron area and our new contact information has been updated. We will still be servicing clients in our hometown area of Warren/Youngstown as it is only about an hour away.

The web-page address has changed from to When we moved the billing address on our account didn't match our new address. When the domain "iciclestudios" came up for renewal it could not be charged....and someone in Australia grabbed it before we caught the glitch! They had no intention of using it...mind you....but to hold it hostage. They wanted to sell it back to us at a fee so high it makes Super Bowl tickets sound cheap! So we have quietly let that site go and moved to for the time being. By not paying a crazy "ransom" it helps to keep our prices down for our customers also!

Icicle in HD for your viewing pleasure....
Updated by Marty 06/18/06
You knew it would happen sooner or later and it happened sooner! We now have the capability to shoot all weddings in High Definition for the ultimate in event video and commercials. While there is currently no direct way to distribute the video at this point in time, technologies such as Blu-ray and HD-DVD are just around the corner. In the meantime rest assured that the latest equipment is being used to capture your events in HD, delivered to you in SD on standard DVDs. When the techmolgy is on place, we can move your project to HD in the format that become the most popular. By moving to HD internally now, we are securing the future and will be ahead of the competition when HD really blasts off in the next few years.